Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I view the statewide imagery?

A. The statewide imagery can be viewed in any software which supports OGC compliant web services.  This includes all common GIS software packages, both commercially available as well as Open Source.  In addition, several more consumer friendly tools such as Google Earth are also available to view the statewide imagery.  Please contact GeoNorth for assistance.

Q: How I load the WMS or WMTS into ArcMap?

A: Download a short tutiorial showing how to load WMS or WMTS in ArcMap.

Q. Can the statewide imagery be used for commercial activity?

A. No, the Alaska High Resolution Imagery (50cm) and statewide 2.5m and 1.5m imagery available through these web services are available to the public for non-commercial use.  However, a commercial user may utilize the imagery if the work being performed is under contract for licensed government agencies.  For more information on licensing rights to use the statewide imagery for commercial purposes, please contact GeoNorth.

Q. How do I get access the source satellite imagery or completed ortho tiles?

A: Please contact GeoNorth to coordinate your delivery.

Q. Will the BDL served from http://gis.dnr.alaska.gov contain the same imagery hosted by http://alaskamapped.org?

A: It is the intent of the DNR that the new BDL web services will contain all of the same imagery which was available through alaskamapped.org.  The DNR is currently working identify all the imagery and get permission to host the imagery.  This will take some time, however we hope to have all the data online soon. 

Q. Why am I being told to contact GeoNorth with all my questions?

 A: GeoNorth Information Systems, LLC has been contracted by the DNR to provide the imagery service, which includes providing user support.