Case Studies

Trucks leave the site of the flooding near the Dalton Highway in Alaska.

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (AKDOT & PF) crews have been fighting flood and ice overflow conditions on the northern end of the Dalton Highway in Northern Alaska between mileposts 390 and 405.  Flooding of the Sagavanirtok River and subsequent freezing formed ice up to 30 inches thick throughout the stretch of road, prompting Alaska Governor Bill Walker to declare a state disaster at the request of the AKDOT & PF.

To be able to assess the flood impact and help decision-making, AKDOT & PF needed near real-time satellite imagery to be collected and delivered quickly for flood assessment, and to support the time sensitive planning activities along the Highway. AKDOT & PF contacted GeoNorth, Airbus Defense and Space’s first mul- ti-mission satellite Direct Receiving Station (DRS) partner, to support them for this emergency requirement.

GeoNorth Information Systems has collaborated  with Calaveras County, California to provide the county with current, accurate, high-resolution satellite imagery. The county uses the imagery to manage two of the most critical issues it is currently managing; tree mortality and regulation of controlled substance cultivation.

Russian planes are identified by GeoNorth Information Systems at a Syrian airbase.

GeoNorth Information Systems worked with its partner, All Source Analysis, Inc. to provide high resolution Pleiades imagery and image analysis to detect and characterize Russian military buildup in Syria in the later Summer and early Fall of 2015.  All Source were able to use the detailed and timely imagery to identify a series of infrastructure changes occurring at the Bassel al-Assad international airport which coincided with the arrival of significant military hardware from Russia.  These images and corresponding analysis indicated the first major, direct involvement of the Russian military in the Syrian conflict.  Many major news outlets used the imagery and analysis as a key part of their reporting on the events at that time, including CBS Evening News story of 9/18/2015 (link: )