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Funding Education for the young people of the village

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

One fact about GNIS that is not so well known, is that we are part of the Tatitlek Alaska Native Corporation; in which every dollar of profit we make goes back into the isolated village community in Alaska to fund welfare, education and day to day basics such as food delivery, water, electricity etc.

For us in GNIS, this is a big incentive, to know that every bit of your profit margin actually make a big difference to someone’s life, not just a black number on someone in Finance’s Excel spreadsheet!  The Copper Mountain Foundation is one such thing that we in GNIS actively support; education grants to help the young people of the community get through college.  Have a look at the pdf which gives a quick overview (or on our website under videos; Copper Mountain).

We say “your $ get used twice, once for you to get the best value, and once again to fund education for the young people of the native village”.  Great value for money offers on all your data needs, and, your business can  put a young person from the community through college as well. Now that that is a Win/Win all around!!!!



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Fort Collins, Colorado

Doug is the Executive Director of GeoNorth Information Systems (GNIS), based in Colorado, commuting between Denver, Anchorage and DC. Formally of Airbus North America, Doug has a wealth of experience in the industry, both optical and SAR, with over eighteen years in Commercial GIS/EO Management.  Ten of those years were spent working/living in four different Countries (UK, Germany, France and USA) for Airbus.

Previously, Doug was VP of Sales in Airbus Oil, Gas and Mining Division.  Three years as Head of Sales in Friedrichshafen, Germany and a further three years as Head of Sales and Business Coordination for Airbus in Toulouse, France has given Doug a wide range of knowledge of what can be achieved with the use of both optical and SAR satellite imagery.

“These are exciting times!” says Doug. “The geo-spatial industry, and the satellite industry in particular, is really going through a monumental shift in the way people acquire and use their data.  The days of just delivering pixels are coming to an end; discerning clients now want access to those “nuggets of knowledge” that imagery bring to the table.  Whether for change detection, asset monitoring, environmental issues, security or emergency response, what customers want today is accurate, current, cost effective and bespoke solutions to match their own particular needs, irrespective of the delivery vehicle.  It is not about the volume of data, it is about delivering the right information, at the right place, at the right time”

 “GeoNorth is well positioned as a company to embrace this change, in fact, we support and encourage our clients to explore the new technologies coming on line.  Micro satellites, UAS, cloud based deliverables to mobile platforms are all a part of our future. With our own Direct Receiving Station located in Fairbanks, Alaska, we have rapid access to Spot 6 and 7, Pléiades 1A and 1B, TSX and TDX SAR data, and our relationships with other major data providers means we can quickly and precisely match requirements tailored to the exact information needed at that time”

Prior to Airbus, Hobson worked in the GIS Engineering Services in the UK, and his  “3-year sabbatical” as he calls it, in the Financial Sector in the heart of London’s Financial District.  Before that, Hobson spent almost 20 years as both a Police, and Fire Brigade Officer. 

About GeoNorth Information Systems

GeoNorth Information Systems is an Alaska Native Corporation,  SBA-certified 8(a) firm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Tatitlek Corporation. GeoNorth Information Systems provides technology services such as enterprise GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Web and Mobile Application Development and Commercial Satellite Imagery to public and commercial clients in Alaska and throughout the US.  The company is headquartered in Anchorage, AK. and maintains offices in the Denver, CO. and Washington, D.C. regions. For more information, please visit us at